Gummy Cuties Are The Vitamins This Mom And Son Both Love
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Gummy Cuties Are The Vitamins This Mom And Son Both Love

As parents, we want our children to grow to be big and strong. For this mom, it means leading by example when it comes to teaching my little cutie about healthy foods and exercise. 


Sure my son follows in my footsteps when it comes to running races, playing sports, and has even gotten started intimating some yoga poses.


But to be real, he doesn’t eat as many vegetables as I would like. Sound familiar?


The problem is that I worry about him not getting all the essential vitamins and minerals that are lacking from is unbalanced diet. That’s why making sure he has his vitamins daily is a must for this mama. 


Then we parents face another problem: getting them to take their vitamins.


That’s why I am so happy to have found Gummy Cuties.


Gummy Cuties Are A ‘Treat’ Kids Want To Eat


NDX Kids’ Gummy Cuties vitamins are the option that this mom just can’t live without. 


My son thinks of them more as a treat, pleading with me to take his serving every morning. 


That’s because they taste great and resemble having a piece of candy like a gummy bear of fruit snacks. 


I get the cool mom award in his eyes for allowing to have a “treat” for breakfast. But the best part for me is having the assurance that he is getting his vitamins.


What Are Gummy Cuties?


Created by a mom and dad who were on the search for a convenient way to boost their children’s health in a natural way, Gummy Cuties are available in a few different options.


This includes a multi-vitamin option, probiotic, Omega-3 DHA EPA vitamin, calcium options with vitamin D, and echinacea one with vitamin C and zinc. 


As a parent, I am very cautious about the types of supplements I give my son. But Gummy Cuties not only taste great for him, but they also meet my requirements. This includes being all-natural, gluten and soy-free, dairy and egg free and non-GMO.


The multi-vitamin is our typically morning go-to. With only 1 gram of sugar, my son is getting vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, and B-12, along with folic acid, biotin, and zinc to name a few. 


His favorite is the Echinacea Kids Gummy Vitamin ( ) that strengthens the immune system. 


We call this one his “superhero fuel” to prevent him from getting sick. This is another must-have for me now that he starts camp this summer, followed by pre-school in the fall. 


It’s packed with vitamin C, E, and zinc, along with echinacea which boosts immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties. 


As parents, we know how important DHA is for eye and brain development. Gummy Cuties has an Omega-3 DHA EPA Kids Gummy Vitamin ( for exactly this. 


Since the body cannot produce omega-3, this vitamin helps deliver that essential fatty acid since my son is not a fan of getting salmon with us for dinner. These still have that great taste. No fishiness found here. 


My son used to love milk, but it seems like he outgrew that phase. I can’t even get him to have yogurt. This is why I love Gummy Cuties Calcium. ( )


It helps build strong bones, which is important for my growing boy.


And speaking of my non-yogurt eater, I make sure to give him the Gummy Cuties Probiotics for its properties that promote a healthy digestive system. 


What Else Parents Need To Know


Gummy Cuties are the best vitamin option for my little cutie because I trust in its quality ingredients. Parents are directed to give two gummies per serving of the vitamins. 


I opt to use the multi-vitamin daily and use the other options as I feel he needs it depending on his diet in a given week.


Make sure that your child can thoroughly chew and swallow.


Each of the NDX Kids Gummy Cuties vitamins is affordable at $14.99 each. But just knowing that my son is consuming what he needs in order to grow and be healthy to this mom and healthy nut is priceless.